Who we help

We assist companies in Denmark/Scandinavia and Northern Europe with a turnover of EUR3-50 million land capital and/or funding. Each company must have a strong market presence and a growth plan ahead to invest in people, product and markets to grow the business further.

CompanyCapital connects companies in the following industries primarily with capital from investors in Denmark, Northern Europe and overseas:

  • Electric Mobility
  • Robotics & Drone Technology
  • Consumer Goods
  • Automotive Supplies & Manufacturing
  • IT / FinTech
  • Cleantech
  • Healthcare & MedTech
  • ITS – Transport & Logistics
  • Alternative Energy & Water Solutions

The overall and basic requirements for companies seeking to land capital and/or funding from our extensive network of investors are:

  1. A current revenue level of EUR3-50 million
  2. A growth plan to increase revenue and profits in the coming years
  3. A proof-of-market product with a global market perspective
  4. A strong, dedicated and ambitious management team
  5. A plan to land capital / co-investment against ownership
  6. A balanced and marketbased valuation

Send a brief presentation of your company and let us discuss if CompanyCapital and our services can help land capital or funding for your company and your growth plan to info@companycapital.dk.