Who we are

Carsten Faerge
Founder &

Experienced CEO from manufacturing, automotive industry, retail & wholesale, building components, consulting and project assignments for a number of companies. 15 years on Board of Directors/Chairman for various companies – currently board member at Lavmands A/S (a manufacturing company within the transport industry).

Independant financial adviser and co-founder of Kapitalborsen registered in January 2009 and Certified Advisor to NASDAQ First North Copenhagen 2017-2018 and helped bring Seluxit succesfully through its IPO.

Carsten Faerge lived for 7 years in Sweden, Norway and Belgium working for the US Automakers Ford and Chrysler. In various positions Carsten Faerge has gained experience from trading with China, Korea, Mexico and most markets in Europe.

Shared core values: Credibility, Transparency, Quality and Confidentiality


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Henrik Theisler
Executive Vice President

Henrik Theisler has a strong international experience from large international corporations as CEO/CSO/VP in companies within industrial design, manufacturing, building materials etc. In these senior positions he has been stationed in various European countries as well as overseas.

Previous co-owner of SME companies in turn-around and scale-up positions since 2005. Currently board member in B2B software company, design technology company and catering equipment solutions company.

Co-owner of CompanyCapital since August 2019.

Shared core values: Credibility, Transparency, Quality and Confidentiality.



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Christian Koch Faerge
Business and Investment Analyst – Copenhagen

Christian Koch Faerge is our business analyst and will help prepare cases with an analytical background. Christian will also take part in research as well as setting up cases for our One-2-One Web Funding Events. Christian continues studies at the Copenhagen Business School.


Stina Henriksen
Medtech Industry Analyst

Stina is our Senior Consultant with an entrepreneurial mindset focused on the Scandinavian medtech industry. Stina has proven strengths in relationship building, business development, strategic planning, customer service, sales, and purchase/negotiation. Stina is passionate about building valuable bridges between people/companies. Ex-Pharmaconomist and founder of tech companies.


New York – Meeting facilities

We offer our clients the unique opportunity to visit New York to prepare and discuss strategies to land capital. A visit to New York can help motivate business owners and the city itself provides energy and great experiences that will help elevate the content and pitch for international investors .Contact us for further information.


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