Greentech Capital

Growing Companies Green

for Nordic Scope3 manufacturing companies

For investors:

Investors are increasingly seeking investment opportunities in companies that support the Climate Change Agenda – companies that are reducing CO2 emissions through their improved manufacturing, products, services and/or technologies.

CompanyCapital is specialized in business development and connecting companies with capital internationally. We  increase our focus to assist Scope3 manufacturing companies reduce CO2/GHG emissions through their manufacturing processes, products, services and technologies.

Our approach gives manufacturing companies a competitive advantage and a stronger market position to grow revenue and profits – and lower CO2/GHG emissions at the same time. Let us know your interest in products, services and technologies that meet your investment demands.

For Companies:
We have created a strong TECHNICAL and COMMERCIAL competence platform including access to CAPITAL and FINANSING that will help strengthen market positions and competitive advantage for companies seeking growth.

The platform is focussed on Scope3 manufacturing companies in Scandinavia and the Nordic Region seeking to

  • measure and document CO2/GHG emissions
  • optimize products, materials and processes
  • evaluate and act on new commercial opportunities
  • drive business developement through sustainable growth and profitability
  • prepare accessability to capital and financing

We call this ZERO CARBON Industrial Competence – to learn more please find further information at

Scope3 include Manufacturing companies of:

  • Industrial machinery, pumps, tools etc.
  • Components and material for the building industry
  • Electrification systems for the transport/logistics industry
  • Systems for regeneration and circular economy technology