What we do

Based on documents presented to CompanyCapital we set up a no-cost initial meeting with the Company CEO, Chairman and/or majority owner to go through the entire business case. This in order to ensure a complete 360 degree heads-up of the business and the company. The first meeting is held at our Copenhagen office.

CompanyCapital evaluates the documentation and comes up with a game plan listing further requirements, deadlines and cost to the Company – this provided that we have evaluated that we will be likely to land the capital required.

If our proposal is concurred a written Agreement is drafted to be signed by both parties.

In the process the Company may be given the opportunity to pitch in front of relevant investor forums that are relevant to the individual case.

The process in 2 short steps:
  1. Supporting documents are sent via mail for review
  2. A business meeting is set up at no cost to the Company
  3. Screening, evaluation and feed-back
  4. Proposal draft detailing gameplan, timing, cost etc.
  5. Agreement signed by CompanyCapital and the Company
  6. Further supporting documents as required
  1. Presentation material for external use is drafted, finalized and agreed
  2. Identification of investors / other financial institutions as reguired
  3. Individual presentations, meetings and negociations
  4. Initial LOI document prepared for signature
  5. Due diligence, legal and transaction documents, securities handling etc. are handled by agreed external advisors only and is not part of CompanyCapital’s assignment.