CompanyCapital joined Starlight Capital Inc. and the StartUp Club initiating NORTHERN EUROPE INVESTMENT FORUM that will bring Start-Ups and Scale-Ups to present virtually in front of US, European and International investors called “One-2-One Web Funding Events”. The events will present 5 companies from Scandinavia and Northern Europe.


Next venue is fixed at 27th July freaturing companies within Medtech, Offshore and Communications technology from a combination of Danish, Swedish and US based companies. Each company will get a 7 minute slot to presend followed by a Q&A session. The venue is published to more than 30.000 investors in the US, Europe and Internationally and creates a huge opportunity to present start-ups and scale-ups professionally.

For further details contact Carsten Faerge –

Future events will be displayed via and all investors can sign up for FREE