From our learnings during the Pandemic, companies in some industries have been (and some still are) challenged in running their businesses profitably for a number of reasons – one key component for many of these companies derive from credits and lending options obtained from the Danish state to support during the Pandemic and these loans and credits are now up for either re-negociation or payment putting a liquidity stress to some companies. CompanyCapital is therefore engaging Tue Stender to help work with distressed companies and their bank and credit providers find capital and finances to secure businesses in distress.

Tue Stender has a long carreer as CFO / Business Controller and since 2017 Tue joined a private equity / lending fund to help with shortterm lending credits to SMEs as well as capital from Danish investors. From this network some investors will be onboarded as “Distressed Company Investors” in order to speed up the process for distressed companies as much as possible.

   Tue Stender, Senior Advisor