We wish all CompanyCapital friends, partners and business relations a prosperous New Year 2020 with a few thoughts and projections for this new decade – including that all will make the most of this new great year:

  1. US investments in Europe will taken an increase in numbers and in amounts – in particular in Northern Europe with stabil economies driving further investments with sectors such as Climate Impact Investments, Healthcare/MedTech and Security.
  2. Brexit is clarified and Mr. Boris is now in charge of getting all details in place. Clarification on this subject is crucial and with Britains also requiring a closure to a subject that has taken too long to resolve.
  3. Denmark will deliver 3 new USD50M+ funds to assist bringing companies further capital to scale internationally – including co-funding from international sources.
  4. Climate Impact Investments will surge – the global agenda is set and we as consumers will demand further and better sustainable solutions (products, services etc.) that positively will bring climate changes under control.
  5. CompanyCapital will extend it network further internationally – from offices in Scandinavia and New York we will help bridge companies with capital to develop, scale and improve businesses delivering products and services to global consumers.

Our sincere wishes for a prosperous 2020.