CompanyCapital expands the business platform formed by Kapitalborsen In 2009 by focusing on connecting companies with capital from Danish, Scandinavian and International investors in the range from USD2-50 million. We have an extensive network of investors built-up over several years and depending on capital strategy for the individual Company we seek out the relevant private equity, VC-fund, institutional investor etc. as relevant – and can even provide pre-IPO services.

Medtech Advisory Services Partnership:

The partnership provides a number of medtech related services as well as market intelligence to this particular industry – BioPortUSA based in Syracuse, NY state has years of experience helping companies with FDA approvals, market and product viability analysis, market entry strategy and related services. The partnership enhances our competences with “feet-on-the-ground” in the US with deep insight and experience in the medtech/healthcare industry.

Equity and Growth Fund Partnership:

Based in NYC, Arcis Capital Partners LLC was founded in 2015 by a team with decades of cross-border experience.  The team has honed its knowledge, skills and connectivity over the past three decades while working with some of the world’s most prestigious companies in the United States and Asia. It understands what it takes to succeed in the immense, complex and growing US-Asia marketplace.  Arcis Technology Growth Fund is a US$100m technology growth equity fund that invests in frontier technology solutions in digital, healthcare and sustainability.

CompanyCapital is connected to a large number of investor networks in east-coast USA and overseas. We continue to build relations with networks internationally to create value to each individual client in our market area. ENJOY OUR VIDEO……