CompanyCapital expands the business platform formed by Kapitalborsen In 2009 by focusing on connecting companies with capital from Danish, Scandinavian and International investors in the range from USD2-50 million.

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CompanyCapital has the priviledge of working with BioPortUSA in Syracure, NY as part of our team when dealing with Medtech companies in the Nordic Region – this enhances our competences with “feet-on-the-ground” in the US with deep insight and experience from the medtech industry.

CompanyCapital is registered in Denmark VAT No.: 40636382 and with the Danish FSA cf. section 48,.(1) – FTID registration number 41040.


CompanyCapital is connected to a large number of investor networks in east-coast USA and overseas. We continue to build relations with networks internationally to create value to each individual client in our market area. ENJOY OUR VIDEO……